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Miss Udeme Archibong – Chief Executive Officer.
udeme1Mother Teresa told of a woman who came with her child to see her and said, “Mother, I went to two or three places to beg for food, for we have not eaten for three days, but they told me that I was young and I should work and earn my living. No one gave me anything.” Mother Teresa went to get her some food, but by the time she returned to the young woman, the baby in her arms had died of starvation.
You have the power to make a difference in the world by beginning to make a difference in the life of one person. The essence of your life is in the contribution you make to life, and the quality of your life hinges on the quality of seeds sown in the lives of others.
Moreover, building up reserves of character and a benevolent nature will guard against destiny wreckage. Whereas, living for your own selfish interests is the most despicable kind of life to live; it’s only pursuing shadows. Remember that the rewards you will receive will be proportionate to the size of your contribution. Service, not status, is the mark of true manhood and womanhood. Materialism degrades society, while humanity upholds it. Your wealth, fame, position, and power will atrophy away; but a moral character and a compassionate heart full of good works will stand the test of time. You are the hope to a dying world.
Let’s stand against corruption, injustice, greed, violence, moral decadence, and a perverted society. Begin to change your world by touching another’s life positively in some way.

“During a long life I have proved that not one kind word,
ever spoken, not one kind deed ever done, but sooner or
later returns to bless the giver and becomes a chain, binding
men with golden bands to the throne of God”.
–Anthony Ashley Cooper