The purpose of a prison system should be a place where the lawless or people who break the law should be confined in order to teach them that every action or decision we make have consequences either positively or negatively and that we are responsible and accountable for our actions. Secondly, the prison is a reformation center where people should leave after their prison term to become better and useful people to themselves and to the society.

However, in Nigeria Prisons the reverse is the case. Prisoners are treated like animals; the living condition in prisons is disheartening. Therefore, they lose their sense of worth and after the leave the prison they get worse and more often than not get into trouble again.



We at World light-bearers see dignity and value in every life. We are not our behaviors; we are not even our thoughts for the fact that we can think about what we are thinking about makes us separate from our thoughts. There is need to separate the essence of who we are from our behavior. If the thoughts can be changed then a change of behavior is inevitable and the outcome will be a transformed life that will add value to the society.


World light-bearers intend to deal with one prison and one cell room at a time. Foremost, we plan to paint the cell room and change the mattresses and clothing of the prisoners. We will train them and influence them for a change of mindset. And finally we will identify and help them develop their potentials incorporating them into C.R.E.A.T.E though theirs will be within the prison environment.