• Research studies have proven that 85 percent of success is due to personality factors while 15 percent of success is due to technical training.
  • A study at Harvard University revealed that for every one person who lost his job for failure to do the work, two persons lost their jobs for failure to deal successfully with people.
  • A researcher by name Dr. Albert Edward Wiggam discovered that out of 4,000 persons who lost their jobs in one year, only 10 percent or 400 lost out because they could not do the work. Ninety percent or 3,600 of them lost out because they had not developed the personality for successful dealing with people.
  • Research at Stanford University revealed that the average person uses only 2 percent of his or her mental abilities.



To awaken the Great Personality Within.



  • To build the over-all self-concept of the students in order to raise their self-confidence for peak performance.
  • Helping the students gain self-discovery by reconnecting to their authentic self leading to the unraveling of their gifts and purpose in life.
  • To build a wholesome and complete personality blossoming into spiritual, emotional and mental maturity.
  • Helping them develop great habits that makes for greatness.



  • At the end of the coaching session, assessment or evaluation will be conducted by the students.
  • Students will assess or evaluate their understanding of each of the course content and how it has impacted them or caused a behavioural change in them.
  • Students will also assess or evaluate the performance or impact of each of the coaches in their lives.
  • The assessment aims at getting feedback from the students so the coaches can be aware of their effectiveness or lack of it in terms of their training methods or skill and their attitudes or behavior toward the students.
  • Performance Impact Assessment will help the coaches to spot areas they need to improve both in themselves and their training skills or capabilities in order to achieve the desired results.